Camapaña de membresías de REEVO:Networking alternatives in education

We facilitate the meeting

We create meetings to exchange and produce knowlegde in acolaborative way.

We speak to the world

We produce original contents, spread the news and study thedevelop of alternatives in education.'

We connect the dots

Creamos redes de apoyo, asesoramiento, investigación y acción entre proyectos educativos, individuos y colectivos.

Since 2009, with the documentary film "La Educación Prohibida" y then, since 2012, we started Reevo whichwhich studies, researches and promotes alternative educationalexperiences in IberoAmérica and the World.

We intend to create relationships for exchanging and sharing through virtualand regional meetings, free and open self-formation and learning spaces;produce open contents from a critical and proactive perspective;promote social and collective action to generate transformation ineducation at different scales.

We seek to build a network of people that would be away from the conventional ways, by creating non-hierarchicalteams and autonomous workspaces.We do Reevo because we think its neccesary, but also cause we enjoy it.

Education does not changes the world.
Education changes people.People changes the world.Paulo Freire

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2017 Budget

  • Activism 9950
  • Comunication 11900
  • Research 4800
  • Web Development 5900
  • Funding 3000

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